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Kelly Monaco and Mel B. headline a saucy and sassy revue that truly puts "the strip" back in "The Strip." logo
A scene from Peepshow
(© Denise Truscello)
While Jerry Mitchell's Peepshow, now playing at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, is the kind of saucy and sassy revue one might expect from the creator of New York's aptly-named Broadway Bares, it also turns out to be the kind of show that can be enjoyed by couples, a rowdy bachelor party, or even some rowdy bachelorettes (thanks to a little bit of man candy).

Indeed, for those of you who need a plot to go with your bump and grind, the story goes something like this: The lonely and unloved Bo Peep (General Hospital star Kelly Monaco) falls asleep reading her "Bedtime Stories," only to wind up in a sexy dream world where she comes face-to-face with the Peep Diva (played by former "Scary Spice," Mel B.).

Relishing her emcee role, Mel B. plays the part like an R-rated version of Pippin's Leading Player, casually tossing out double-entendres as she guides the coy Bo through her sensual, fairytale-themed odyssey. As the story progresses, Peep Diva teaches Bo how to become a confident, sexual entity with a little help from her friends: vixenish versions of everyone's favorite storybook characters such as "Lil' P," "Red," and "Goldie," to name a few.

Much of the show's visual (and visceral) appeal must be credited to Mitchell (working with among other frequent collaborators, set designer David Rockwell). The Tony Award-winning director and choreographer succeeds in not only bringing the classic fairytale heroines to life, but by having his mostly female cast personify every traditional male fantasy (cheerleaders and plaid skirted schoolgirls, among others) he really does put the "strip" back into "The Strip."

Some routines will arouse more than others, but there are a few show-stoppers that had everyone entranced. A finger-painting routine set to "Pink" had the audience longing to do some arts and crafts of their own. Another hot one was "Wicked Wendy" teaching the gals of the neighborhood how to be naughty like her -- and subsequently leading them into a milk bath, where they gave everyone a view by pressing their bodies up against the clear glass walls of their tub. One of the most memorable moments of the show has a blindfolded dancer hopping on a saddle/trapeze and soaring high above the audience. Also raising temperatures in the room were the classic burlesque routine starring "Ms. Pete," and "Goldie" trying to find a bear that was "just right" while writhing around with little more than a bearskin rug clinging to her lithe frame.

But in many ways, Peepshow belongs firmly to the irrepressible Monaco, who makes every moment on stage count as she convincingly portrays Bo's transformation from shy to sex-bomb. When the mesmerizing actress finally bares (almost) all, it's actually impossible to look at anything else.

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