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Your College Audition Timeline for Acting and Musical Theatre

College audition coach Mary Anna Dennard shares a schedule for those looking to enter into theater training programs. logo

An audition master class at the University of Michigan
(© Kelsey Edwards Photography)
Research colleges and programs. Make a list of the 5 things you want in a university, and the 5 things you want in a training program. Make plans to attend the free NACAC Performing Arts College Fair in your area. Check their schedule here:
Review college audition requirements and time limits. Finalize your audition material. Actors decide on your classical and contemporary monologues. Musical Theatre students, ready your monologues, song choices and cuts, and take ballet class 3 times a week! Great source for monos:
Begin the college application process. Check for schools that accept the common app. Here is a list:

Record your electronic prescreens for colleges that require them. Follow instructions exactly. You do not need to hire a professional videographer. Have a plain background, good lighting and sound. If singing, be sure your voice can be heard clearly above the accompaniment.
Have your headshot and resume completed, and audition outfit chosen. My favorite photog is:

Begin plotting your audition schedule and making travel plans. College Audition Coach Online Prep has an online Audition Master Planner, but you can create your own with an Excel spreadsheet. Keep up-to-date files on each school. Participate in mock auditions and master classes. Here are some master classes on my website:

College Auditions begin!
Many of the college auditions are conducted on-campus. However, about 50 colleges hold regional auditions during the National Unified Auditions.
2013 National Unified dates and locations are:
New York City: February 2 and 3
Chicago: February 4, 5, 6
Las Vegas: February 7
Los Angeles: February 9,10

Sort out your acceptances/deferrals/ waitlists/rejections. Visit ALL schools to which you have been accepted. Compare scholarships/tuition.

May 1st
This is the national reply-by date. You must make your final college decision by this date and have placed your deposit. Review your Students' Bill Of Rights:
Students Bill of Rights.pdf

Mary Anna Dennard has been a college audition coach since 2000. She is the author of the book, I GOT IN! The Ultimate College Audition Guide For Acting And Musical Theatre and was special contributor to the New York Times Theatre section. She is also guest faculty for the Broadway Dreams Foundation, and a member of the National Association Of College Admission Counseling. For more information, visit