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Shattered Globe Theatre Presents Animals Out of Paper

The play begins performances tonight.

The cast of Animals Out of Paper begin performances tonight at Theater Wit.
The cast of Animals Out of Paper begins performances tonight at Theater Wit.
(courtesy of the production)

Animals Out of Paper starts its run tonight at Theater Wit.

The story follows three eccentric individuals, who are brought together through the unlikely means of origami. Andy, a calculus teacher and avid fan, coaxes world famous origami artists Ilana away from her reclusive life to help out a troubled teen. Suresh, a young prodigy, finds an unwitting and occasionally reluctant mentor in Ilana, as the three characters begin to reshape each other’s lives much the same way they fold and shape their origami pieces.

Written by Pulitzer Prize-finalist Rajiv Joseph, the show is directed by Devon de Mayo. The cast features ensemble members Cortney McKenna as Ilana and Joe Wiens as Andy, alongside Awate Serequeberhan as Suresh.

"Animals Out of Paper excites me because it is about unlikely friendships and how, sometimes the person who can help us most, is the person we least expect," said director Devon de Mayo. "This play uses the beautiful, complex art of origami as the meeting ground for three lonely and complicated souls to try and figure out the next stage of their lives. The play surprises at every turn because it acknowledges that in life answers aren't easy — they often just open the door to more questions."

The creative team includes Grant Sabin (set design), Brian Healy (lighting design), Sarah Jo White (costume design), Stephen Gawrit (sound design), Christine Edison (origami design), and Stephanie Hurovitz (stage manager).

Performances will run through February 27.

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