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Quiz: Which of Broadway's Trippy Plays Should You See?

''Old Times'', ''Fool for Love'', and ''Sylvia'' are all currently playing on the Great White Way. logo

The 2015-16 Broadway season kicked off in earnest last month. Three of the new shows to open — Old Times (October 6), Fool for Love (October 8), and Sylvia (October 27) — offer up very different plots, but they are surprisingly similar in several ways. Each of them features a small cast, a story by an iconic playwright, and a version of reality that is…well, not quite real.

We're not sure what's at the root of this trend (shorter attention spans? disillusionment with reality?), but we're excited about it! If trippy, offbeat modern plays are your thing but your temp job can't quite support your Pinter habit, there's no need to agonize over which of these to spend your money on. We've created a handy quiz to help you choose the play that best matches your style.

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