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Meet the 4 Anyas Sending Broadway's Anastasia Across the World

A new multilingual music video features Broadway leading lady Christy Altomare and her global counterparts Lila Coogan, Judith Caspari, and Jana Gómez.

Judith Caspari, Christy Altomare, Lila Coogan, and Jana Gómez are the four Anyas of Anastasia.
(photo provided by Anastasia on Broadway)

Broadway's Anastasia is kicking off its international expansion with the release of a new multilingual music video featuring the four actors playing Anya in New York and beyond: Christy Altomare (Broadway), Lila Coogan (North American tour), Judith Caspari (Stuttgart, Germany), and Jana Gómez (Madrid).

"We haven't seen a musical like this in Spain since Beauty and the Beast," Gómez told TheaterMania during a break from shooting the music video at the Broadhurst Theatre. "I think the role of Anya will become an icon to young girls, and I'm excited that little girls and boys and all the people who come see us will have a new musical that they love."

Caspari is excited to take on the epic nature of the Ahrens and Flaherty song "Journey to the Past," which you can see in the new video, on a nightly basis. "I'm really looking forward to the moment when Anya is standing there, opening her arms, singing the long note at the end, and then the Eiffel Tower appears behind her. It's such an emotional and awesome moment."

Meanwhile, Coogan is ready to travel to new cities, on stage and off. "I love having an adventure every night in a show," she explains, "and I'm really excited to travel and see a bunch of new places. That's the whole special component about touring that I haven't gotten to do yet."

As for Altomare, who has been with the musical since it opened on Broadway in 2017 and shows no sign of slowing down, she can't wait for her fellow Anyas to experience how the musical is a gift that keeps on giving. "I told them I cannot wait for you to see what Anastasia will be for you. You have Lynn and Stephen's amazing songs, Terrence's amazing writing, and a story that so many people have grown up with. You're gonna die when you see what it does for your voice and your stamina and your talent. Doing a scene is going to feel like you're flying. And wait until you see the response from people coming to see this show. "

The Madrid production of Anastasia begins performances on October 3, with the national tour kicking off on October 9 in Schenectady, New York. The Stuttgart production opens on November 15.

Watch the music video below: