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Gatz's Scott Shepherd To Make January 12 Appearance at Border's at Downtown Crossing logo
Scott Shepherd in Gatz
Scott Shepherd, currently starring in the Elevator Repair Service's production of Gatz at American Repertory Theater, will make an appearance at Border's Bookstore at Downtown Crossing in Boston on January 12 at 1pm.

While at Borders, Shepherd will talk about the production created by his company. He will also allow attendees to test him on the knowledge of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, which he has committed to memory.

Gatz is conceived as a single six-hour production in which the ensemble brings to life every word of Fitzgerald's classic novel, no text added and none removed. The piece begins one morning in the low-rent office of a mysterious small business when an employee finds a ragged old copy of the book in the clutter of his desk and starts to read it out loud. And doesn't stop.

In addition to Shepherd, who narrates, the company features Jim Fletcher (Gatz), Victoria Vazquez (Daisy), Gary Wilmes (Tom), Susie Sokol (Jordan), Sibyl Kempson (Jordan), Laurena Allan (Myrtle), Aaron Landsman (Wilson), Frank Boyd (Wilson), Annie McNamara (Catherine), Kristen Sieh (Catherine), Kate Scelsa (Lucille), Vin Knight (Chester), Mike Iveson (Klipspringer), Ben Williams (Michaelis), and Ross Fletcher (Henry C. Gatz).

Shepherd joined ERS in 1994 and his credits with the company include McGurk: A Cautionary Tale, Shut Up I Tell You (I Said Shut Up I Tell You), Cab Legs, Total Fictional Lie, and No Great Society. He was also a member of The Wooster Group, where he earned Obie and Bessie Awards for his work in Poor Theater. His other credits with the group include The Hairy Ape; North Atlantic; To You, The Birdie!, and Brace Up!

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