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Casting Announced for Nora Theatre Company's Photograph 51 logo
The Nora Theatre Company has announced casting for Anna Ziegler's Photograph 51, February 9-March 4 at Central Square Theater. Associate Director Daniel Gidron will direct.

Photograph 51 is the story of the fiercely independent spirit of a young, ambitious scientist and her unsung, trailblazing achievements, revealing DNA's double helix structure.

The cast will feature James Bocock (Francis Crick), Jeremy Browne (Don Caspar), Owen Doyle (Maurice Wilkins), Jason Powers (James Watson), Nick Sulfaro (Ray Gosling), and Becky Webber (Rosalind Franklin).

The design team will include Janie E. Howland (set design), Gail Astrid Buckley (costume design), John Malinowski (lighting design), Dewey Dellay (sound design), and Brian Cummins (prop coordinator).


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