The Underpants



Steve Martin is not only a great stand-up comedian and actor. He is also a brilliant playwright, as he demonstrates in this wickedly clever play about a pompous bureaucrat named Theo who is mortified when his beautiful young wife's underpants accidentally loosen and drop in the presence of the King. At first, Theo fears that his public humiliation will cost him his job as a government clerk. So when two men appear at his door and offer to rent a room from him, he gratefully agrees. He is too vain and too stupid to realize that both men simply hope to seduce his wife, Louise. As Theo's greed blinds him to his roomer's intentions, Louise is presented with a simple choice: remain faithful to her dim-witted husband or to enjoy the attentions of two unrepentant Lotharios. The New York Times called The Underpants "an ambitious amalgam of comic book and social commentary, made out of sex jokes, slamming doors and sophisticated repartee. It is valiantly eccentric and laugh-out-loud funny!"

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