The Prisoner of 2nd Avenue



Mel Edison is a corporate executive who has lost his job as the result of his company's decision to down-size. His wife Edna takes a job to tide them over and finds (to her surprise) that she not only enjoys her work, she's very good at it. So Mel and Edna begin a journey that is all too familiar to too many Americans today: How to remain sane in an unstable world? Needless to say, if anyone can find humor in such a situation, it's Neil Simon. Thanks to the inventive comic genius of America's favorite playwright, we laugh out loud as air pollution kills the plants on Mel's terrace. We laugh as two German stewardesses keep him awake night after night entertaining the international jet-set. We even laugh when his apartment is robbed, leaving him nothing but his toothbrush. Neil Simon's most cutting comedy has never been more timely. If laughter is the best medicine, then The Prisoner of 2nd Avenue may be the perfect antidote for today's ills. If the choice is between laughing and crying, why not laugh? With Neil Simon, the laughs are guaranteed!

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