Opened May 20, 2011
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Shout is a nonstop musical journey through the infectious and soulful popular anthems and ballads of the 1960's…songs that made household names of singers like Petula Clark, Lulu and Dusty Springfield. Shout tells the story of a group of young women coming of age in the 1960's, recreating the fashions, the fads and the sense of cultural revolution that marked the beginning of the Era of Liberation. With its irresistible blend of groovy songs, hip-swiveling hits and eye-popping fashions, this fun-filled musical will take you on a kaleidoscopic Magic Carpet Ride to the decade when televisions (and the world) moved from Black-and-White to Color! You'll hear 60's classics like: "Downtown," "To Sire With Love," "These Boots are Made for Walkin'," "You're My World," "Goldfinger," "Wishin' & Hopin'," and many, more.

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