Knish Alley!



Having won this year's Palm Beach Dramawork's Playwright's Festival, Tony Finstrom's Knish Alley - a heart-warming romantic comedy - is scheduled for a reading at PBD's conveniently located theatre in downtown West Palm Beach. Set in the early part of the last century, Knish Alley! follows a troupe of poor Yiddish actors as they travel to America on board a luxury liner (in steerage) - working menial jobs on the ship by day and performing operettas up on deck by night - uncertain of the fate that awaits them at their journey's end: New York's Second Avenue, otherwise known as Knish Alley. It's a fond look back at the theatrical acting legends of the day: the Adlers, the Thomashevskys, the Kesslers, and at the way things were (and the way things might have been) on board such a ship bound for a new land, a new language, and the promise of a new beginning.

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