Food Fight!

Opened Oct 11, 2007
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Food Fight! is a musical revue, with parody lyrics to popular songs in the style of Menopause the Musical, that takes a look at the impact that food has on the human body, and the pleasures and neuroses that are linked to it: the battle of the bulge, diets, exercise, plastic surgery, cooking show gurus, and more. Food Fight! takes place in a women's gym, with four women belting out hysterical parodies, and future hits, of songs like "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" ("I Went to the Buffet Line"), "Dancing Queen" ("Botox Queen"), "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee" ("Look at Me, I'm Rachael Ray"), "We Are Lovers" ("I am Woman"), and "If I Were A Rich Man" ("If I Were A Size 2"). You're sure to burn calories watching, laughing, and having a good time at Food Fight. Discounts available for groups of 20+

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