Whose Life is it Anyway?



Sir Peter Hall directs Kim Cattrall's British Theatre debut as Claire Harrison in an updated version of Brian Clark's classic play Whose Life is it Anyway? Intelligent, sexy and talented, sculptor Claire Harrison is used to being in control of her life. A serious road accident forces her to contemplate a future in which she will remain constantly dependent on those around her. Left with only the use of her sharp mind, wit and indomitable spirit, Claire will not submit quietly to her fate. She can make us laugh, and often does. She could make us cry, but doesn't want to. What she does want is to be heard and to reclaim the decisions about her own life and death. Whose Life Is It Anyway? places the individual at the centre of one of the most complex medical and moral issues of our times - do we have the right to choose how we want to live and when we want to die? There will be no matinee performance on either January 8 or 20.