Opened Apr 10, 2008
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The National Theatre presents Tony Harrison's new play Fram, which the author directs with Bob Crowley (who also designs). This epic sweep of a play takes us from a contemporary Westminster Abbey to the Arctic ship Fram - or Forward - specially built by the famous Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen who, with his suicidal companion, Johansen, makes a bid on foot for the North Pole in the 1890s. Though incompatible, they share a bear fur sleeping-bag through the long winter. Nansen, still haunted by Johansen's ghost, is appointed to the League of Nations. As a figurehead of Russian famine relief in 1922, he conducts the first celebrity campaign, searching for means, however shocking, to make people care.

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Addy, Britton, Irons, McNeice, et al. to Appear at London's National - Mar 5, 2008

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