Baby Girl, DNA, The Miracle

Opened Feb 16, 2008
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Punchy, probing and vital, this trio of plays, each under an hour, have a finger on the pulse of today's teen generation. With tales of unwanted pregnancy, group misdemeanours and life-changing events, they are cool, honest snapshots of life in the transition to adulthood. Baby Girl a new play by Roy Williams Kelle is 13 and still a virgin. And if her best friend Danielle knows, then the whole school knows. But will sleeping with the wide-boy wannabe Nathan prove a step too far? DNA a new play by Dennis Kelly A group of teenagers do something bad, really bad, then panic and cover the whole thing up. But when they find that the cover-up unites them and brings harmony to their otherwise fractious lives, where's the incentive to put things right? The Miracle a new play by Lin Coghlan When the canal burst its banks and a holy statue arrived through her bedroom floor, no one was more surprised than 12-year-old Veronica. With the help of her best friend she sets about using her new-found skills to create something magical within her ailing community.

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