The Woman Who Amuses Herself

Opened May 15, 2009
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One day in 1911, Vincenzo Peruggia, a worker at the Louvre, walked out of the museum with the Mona Lisa hidden under his coat. An Italian patriot who believed La Gioconda should be returned to her native Italy, Peruggia then spent two years in his Paris apartment with the mysteriously smiling woman as his muse. Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece has attracted, inspired, and perplexed millions of admirers across generations and continents. What makes the Mona Lisa so special? Meet Vincenzo and those he encounters through his passionate "crime of the art" when Theater Alliance presents the East Coast premiere of The Woman Who Amuses Herself.

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Nigel Reed to Star in Theater Alliance's The Woman Who Amuses Herself - Apr 23, 2009

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