The Three Musketeers

Opened May 9, 2013
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All for one and one for all" springs onto the stage with Synetic's fiery, bombastic ensemble of lovers and fighters as they fence, wine, dance, and fling their wit across the stage in the ultimate cross between physical and romantic comedy. Actors run rampant through the streets of Paris in this exuberant adventure, telling the story of the young D'Artagnan whose one desire is to become that noblest of guardsmen: a Musketeer. The villainous Milady, Cardinal Richeliu, and the dark Rochefort cross wits, hearts, and swords with Athos, Porthos and Aramis as we follow D'Artagnan's quest for love and honor. Dances at the palace meet brawls in the streets and all of it is set to original music in this brand new adaptation.

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