The Miser

Opened Apr 23, 2003
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A penny earned is a penny pinched in the eyes of the outrageously tightfisted Harpagon. But as his money-loving eccentricities upend his children's plans to marry, he takes his greed a little too far. Those around him conspire to help the offspring in their love pursuits by duping the parsimonious clod out of his money. When Harpagon learns his cherished moneybox is missing, the grief-stricken tightwad frantically scrambles to recover his riches, oblivious to the delightful romance blooming around him. Laced with wit as crisp as a newly minted banknote, this classic farce, The Miser still earns belly laughs from the whole family. There will be an addional performance on Thursday, May 15 at 2pm.

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