The Hollow



RE:Washington Irving Updated

Like "Nevermore", "The Hollow" borrows from American literature to create a new and exciting musical. I thought there was a problem with the sound in the opening number on the night I saw it, but this problem cleared up. The show is slow to establish the narrative but once one understands that this is not a retelling of the Irving story and the direction clears, it becomes an exciting production. The set evokes the wilderness and isolation of Sleepy Hollow and lighting adds a true, Gothic element amid the human love story of Icabod and Katrina - developed here - unlike in the Irving story. The musical also comments on the close mindedness of a conservative, Bible thumping community - a comment on todays right wing groups? And Im wondering if Matt is also bringing into play some autobiographical elements from his Stephens City/ Middletown, VA days. Just a thought. After reading Peter Marks W. Post review, I was all set to "hate" this. But what a surprise - the show turned out, at least in my eyes, to be a provocative and entertaining experience. Bravo, Matt!