Private Lives

Opened Jun 4, 2003
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Private Lives is by Noel Coward. Five years ago, the fiery marriage of Amanda and Elyot ended disastrously. But now they are remarried and honeymooning with their new spouses - coincidentally, in adjoining rooms! When Amanda and Elyot steal a moment alone, the embers of their love re-ignite. So off they go to Paris, abandoning their befuddled mates. Those smoldering embers blaze as Amanda and Elyot return to their old ways, bickering and battling with the malicious fervor of the early days of their relationship. As Amanda observes, "I think that very few people are completely normal, really, deep down in their private lives." Bitingly cynical, incomparably droll and irresistibly urbane, this sophisticated comedy wittily captures marriage as a dance on the razor-sharp edge between lovee and hate, between rapture and nightmare. There is an additional matinee on Thursday, June 26 at 2pm.

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