P.Nokio: a Hip-Hop Musical

Opened Feb 1, 2012
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G.Petto is an ingenious designer of computer games who works for the evil Machine Master. One day he discovers that his new character, P.Nokio, can escape the computer! G.Petto is delighted at the prospect of having a "son." With the help of the Graffiti Fairy, he sets out to teach P.Nokio how to become a real boy by attending the Old School and studying the art of rhyme. Unfortunately, P.Nokio is tempted by The Way of Fun and Trouble and The Land of Fools. He finds himself in the company of con artists and in a tangle of lies that endanger his newfound father. To save G.Petto from Machine Master, P.Nokio must wise up, keep it real and learn that words and truth are the mightiest weapons of all.

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Imagination Stage Publishes eBook Version of P. Nokio - Feb 24, 2012

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