Gay: Accept Me if You Love Me

Opened Jul 21, 2011
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Gay: Accept Me if You Love Me is a play that touches on social issues, blending comedy and drama, and tells a story of love and unanswered questions. The play centers on Franklin Gibson, a Republican Senator and father-of-three, re-married to Paula, a cold and calculating former model who lusts only for money and luxuries. Attempting to protect his family and his career, Franklin hides a secret: his lover, Ivan. When violence erupts, it comes from an unexpected direction and has an unexpected victim. Meanwhile, Franklin's older children and their friends experience the collision of straight and gay culture in a night-life of sex, drugs, conflict, and discovery. During its original production in Peru, Gay: Accept Me If You Love Me (Gay, Que Me Acepten Los Que Me Quieren) ran for a record 51 performances, to sold-out houses. Peruvian press coverage hailed it as "Sexy," "Edgy," "Aggressive, "A new show style," and "Romantically sexual."

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Spotlight Comunicaciones' Gay: Accept Me If You Love Me to Play DCJCC in July - Jul 1, 2011

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