Dames at Sea

Opened Mar 5, 2003
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In Dames at Sea, with hopes as big as the Empire State Building, sweet, fresh-faced Ruby departs Utah, tap shoes in tow, for the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, her pie-eyes fixed on one thing: Broadway! But when Ruby stumbles upon a sailor named Dick, an aspiring songwriter who happens to be from her hometown, the love bug bites her and her hoofing ambitions take a zany turn. See, Ruby has just landed a chorus part in a new Broadway show, but there's this stuck-up star who has goo-goo eyes for Dick, and then there's the trouble with opening night - you see where this is going! You don't want to miss this delightfully campy, Busby Berkley-esque extravaganza that is guaranteed to tap dance its way straight to your heart! There is an additional performance on Thursday, March 27 at 8pm.

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