China: The Whole Enchilada



RE:by all means, boycott

Wouldnt there be public uproar if this been about African Americans, started with blackface, and repeatedly used the "n word"? I wish only that I had seen this sooner so that I could have told all of DC to please boycott this crass and offensive "work." Goldstar should discontinue all relationships with DCs Landless "Theater" Company. DCAC should not rent its space to Landless "Theater" Company. I was beyond disappointed and shocked by this "musicals" unabashed racism and condescension, not only to Chinese/Asians in the US and around the world but also to the exploitation of the mostly white audiences ignorance and cultural illiteracy. While making fun of immigrants speaking English as a second language, the "actors" were themselves unable to correctly pronounce any Chinese words, and the slideshow repeatedly projected multiple profanities e.g., f*** in Chinese, which most of the ignorant/racist white audience could not even read..