Children of Medea



Amazing!! Must See!

Didnt know what to expect but the story of Meadea, Alice in Wonderland, and the two children growing up as immigrants in US all mingled together revealing humor, tragedy and struggle of the two girls. Amazingly well done and one person solo acting was better than full cast shakepearean play ive seen.


cant believe it was a solo performance. i felt like i saw at least 5 different personas from her one body. it was very physical and yet verbal. because the performer wrote the play herself, i could see that she fully understood every detail of the show. if you want to see something thatll make you think and laugh at the same time, the children of medea is highly recommendable.

Cant miss

Sue Jin Songs piece and performance are equally amazing and moving. I cant recommend Children of Medea highly enough. You should not miss the chance to see this amazing actress.

Profound Presentation

I saw this incredibly talented actress read this play at a small venue in Albany, NY. Her performance is still resonating with me. She has the capacity to completely embody the various characters she has created, and move you to laughter and tears, while doing so. Definately do not miss this performance.