And the Curtain Rises

Opened Mar 17, 2011
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Ever wonder how the first musical was created? Well, if And the Curtain Rises is to be believed, the process was fraught with confusion, disorder, and a whole lot of humor. And the Curtain Rises, a valentine to musical comedy, is a classic backstage comedy about the creation of the first American musical. In 1866, producer William Wheatley finds his play a disaster, the actors in revolt, the costumes and scenery destroyed, and his production in shambles. When a fire at a theater next door leaves a French ballet troupe stranded without funds in New York City, Wheatley decides to turn sour apples into apple sauce, adds a touch of music and dance - et voila, the American musical is born.

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And the Curtain Rises - Mar 29, 2011

Kevin Carolan, Alma Cuervo, Nick Dalton, et al. Set for Kristin Hanggi's Production of And the Curtain Rises at Signature Theatre - Feb 28, 2011

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