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Answers From The Learned Ladies: Part 1
By Gianfranco Lentini · Oct 11, 2012
Gianfranco Lentini's fellow Hofstra University students describe what it means to them to major in Drama.
Process Before Product: The SPACE on Ryder Farm Way
By Timothy Thompson · Oct 10, 2012
Timothy Thompson interviews Emily Simoness, the founder of an artist retreat in Brewster, New York, where he interned this past summer.
A Prism of Courage
By Ran Xia · Oct 10, 2012
Ran Xia continues her exploration of Asian Americans in theater with interviews with Vincent Rodrigues III and Andrew Cristi.
Balancing the Budget on a Student Production
By Amanda Charney · Oct 9, 2012
Amanda Charney identifies three of the best ways to raise funds to put on your show.
Wendy MacLeod Commissioned for A.C.T.-Aberdeen Performing Arts Youth Exchange Collaboration
By Bethany Rickwald · Oct 9, 2012
Wendy MacLeod(© David Gordon) American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) Young Conservatory is collaborating with Scotland's Aberdeen Performing Arts Young Persons Company on a two-year ...
The Pale Blue Dot
By Allison Schwartz · Oct 9, 2012
Astronomer Carl Sagan's YouTube video gives musical theater student Allison Schwartz some perspective.
Lea Salonga Pens Intro to Aspiring Performers Guide So You Wanna Be a Superstar?
By Bethany Rickwald · Oct 8, 2012
Lea Salonga (© Tristan Fuge) Teen author Ted Michael's new book So You Wanna Be a Superstar?: The Ultimate Audition Guide has just been released, and is now available to ...
Studying Abroad
By Emily Anne Gibson · Oct 8, 2012
Emily Anne Gibson outlines the reasons why leaving your home university and traveling to another country is a very good idea.
Marketing and Theater
By Alexa Doggett · Oct 8, 2012
Alexa Doggett describes the guerilla techniques used to promote her school's production of The Rocky Horror Show.
Auditioning for Film
By Venk Potula · Oct 5, 2012
Venk Potula considers the ways this might differ from how you prepare for going out for a part in theater.