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Lessons from a Mock Audition
By Timothy Thompson · Oct 17, 2012
Timothy Thompson takes a trip to the other side of the table to help out some students from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts' high school drama program.
A Call for Revolutionary Theater
By Alexis Scheer · Oct 17, 2012
Alexis Scheer cries out for a meeting of minds and an artistic uprising.
Crossing USA: Another Show in Another Town
By Ran Xia · Oct 17, 2012
Ran Xia reflects on the states she's visited and the theater she's seen.
Embracing the Challenge of a Challenge
By Allison Schwartz · Oct 16, 2012
Allison Schwartz muses on opportunities for self-improvement.
Turning an Idea Into a Broadway Success
By Amanda Charney · Oct 16, 2012
Amanda Charney talks to Stephen Foster and Mark Suennen about the developmental process for new musicals.
Broad Horizons: Why Studying Other Subjects is Good for Your Art
By Emily Anne Gibson · Oct 15, 2012
Emily Anne Gibson argues that stepping outside of a strictly-theater curriculum is both beneficial and necessary.
A Day in the Life Of… Ball State MT 2014
By Alexa Doggett · Oct 15, 2012
Alexa Doggett turns the spotlight over to Shawn Hickey of Ball State University for this second photo blog exploring the lives of musical theatre students!
Passion vs. Paycheck
By DeAnna Supplee · Oct 12, 2012
DeAnna Supplee argues that NOW is the perfect time to pursue your dreams.
Glee's Dean Geyer, Naya Rivera and More to Perform Students' Screenplays in The Biggest Show 2012
By Bethany Rickwald · Oct 11, 2012
Dean Geyer as Brody Weston on Glee(© FOX) Young Storytellers Foundation will be teaming with the cast of Glee for the organization's The Biggest Show 2012, ...
Classical Training for the Win!
By Nicole Pietrangelo · Oct 11, 2012
Nicole Pietrangelo identifies her five favorite Broadway stars with roots in opera and classical voice.