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Getting To Know You...
By Zach Kaufer · Sep 14, 2011
Meet Zach and get a glimpse into his life as a theater student.
After College as a Theater Student
By Amanda Charney · Sep 14, 2011
Amanda discusses questions surrounding life after graduation.
You're Not a Theater Major?
By Ryan Zatcoff · Sep 14, 2011
Ryan discusses the reasons he chose not to major in theater.
Interview with Director of The Geffen Playhouse Ken Novice
By Anne Cymrot · Sep 13, 2011
Chelsea-Anne speaks with the Managing Director of The Geffen Playhouse Ken Novice.
Hi, my name's Katie and I'm a recovering Showmantic…
By Katie Sims · Sep 13, 2011
Katie writes about her experiences dating a fellow cast member.