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Exploring Midtown Beyond Broadway
By Sarah Moore · Feb 1, 2012 · New York City
Sarah Moore shares tips on where to eat, what to do, and how to score tickets to various shows that are not on the Great White Way.
Using Your Lessons Beyond the Classroom
By Emily Anne Gibson · Jan 31, 2012 · Pittsburgh
Emily Anne Gibson shares tips on how to make the most out of what you learn in class.
Patrick Heusinger Talks About What's Next
By Amanda Charney · Jan 30, 2012 · Los Angeles
Amanda Charney interviews actor Patrick Heusinger and staff member Michael Nelson following LA Theater Works' presentation of Next Fall.
The Business of Doing Theater
By Tiffany Moon · Jan 27, 2012 · Los Angeles
Tiffany Moon explains the business structure of non-profit theaters.
The Well-Trained Instinct
By Thomas Constantine Moore · Jan 26, 2012 · Pittsburgh
Thomas Constantine Moore discusses ways to develop actor instincts.
The Audition Room: I'm Way More Nervous Than You
By Zach Kaufer · Jan 26, 2012 · Los Angeles
Zach Kaufer describes the audition process from the director's perspective.
Barnard Department of Theater Joins Forces With New Georges
By Sarah Moore · Jan 25, 2012 · New York City
Publicity art for The Egg-LayersBarnard College's Department of Theater has begun a collaboration with the nonprofit company New Georges to launch "New Plays at Barnard," a program to ...
Getting Hot Tickets on a Small Budget
By Sarah Moore · Jan 25, 2012 · New York City
Sarah Moore explains how students can find affordable tickets for popular shows in New York City.
Chicago Theater Spring Preview
By Darcy Rose Coussens · Jan 24, 2012 · Chicago
Northwestern student Darcy Rose Coussens takes a look at some of the city's current and upcoming attractions.
What Exactly Is a Dramaturg?
By Emily Anne Gibson · Jan 24, 2012 · Pittsburgh
Carnegie Mellon student Emily Anne Gibson provides an overview of the field of dramaturgy, as well as a practical example.