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Exploring Midtown Beyond Broadway
By Sarah Moore · Feb 1, 2012 · New York City
(© Sarah Moore)Let's say you find yourself in Times Square with a few hours to kill before seeing a show. You've already ridden the Toys R Us ferris wheel and eaten at the overpriced chain ...
Using Your Lessons Beyond the Classroom
By Emily Anne Gibson · Jan 31, 2012 · Pittsburgh
My shelf full of textbooks (© Emily Anne Gibson)"The classroom should be an entrance into the world, not an escape from it." -- John CiardiThe average college student takes at least five cour
Patrick Heusinger Talks About What's Next
By Amanda Charney · Jan 30, 2012 · Los Angeles
Amanda Charney, Patrick Heusinger and Michael Nelson (Courtesy Amanda Charney)Imagine: you walk into a theater. Onstage there are only five microphones on their stands, and six black chairs in
The Business of Doing Theater
By Tiffany Moon · Jan 27, 2012 · Los Angeles
The door of our management office. (© Tiffany Moon)So, what exactly does a theater manager do anyway?Imagine that you've been rehearsing a play for weeks. You've spent endless hours exploring
The Well-Trained Instinct
By Thomas Constantine Moore · Jan 26, 2012 · Pittsburgh
Animals are incredibly useful references for personality-specific behavior (© Thomas Constantine Moore)I was talking to my friend about writing this column today - I knew I was going to be wr
The Audition Room: I'm Way More Nervous Than You
By Zach Kaufer · Jan 26, 2012 · Los Angeles
My casting team for Much Ado About Nothing. We may look confident, but we just want a Benedick and Beatrice who like each other. Please like each other. (Courtesy Zach Kaufer)I'm sitting in th
Barnard Department of Theater Joins Forces With New Georges
By Sarah Moore · Jan 25, 2012 · New York City
Publicity art for The Egg-LayersBarnard College's Department of Theater has begun a collaboration with the nonprofit company New Georges to launch "New Plays at Barnard," a program to ...
Getting Hot Tickets on a Small Budget
By Sarah Moore · Jan 25, 2012 · New York City
A scene from The Book of Mormon (© Joan Marcus)One of the perks of living in New York City as a student is the access to discounted theater tickets for the college student budget. Most Broadw
Chicago Theater Spring Preview
By Darcy Rose Coussens · Jan 24, 2012 · Chicago
Hey world! How are you guys holding up? I'm pretty cold. Thankfully, here in Evanston the "Frostbite Express" is running on Northwestern's campus, or else we would probably all freeze in our ...
What Exactly Is a Dramaturg?
By Emily Anne Gibson · Jan 24, 2012 · Pittsburgh
Interior of The Private Life of the Master Race lobby display (© Emily Anne Gibson)"Dramaturgy is the very blood coursing through the veins of any theatrical production" -- Michael Mark Chem