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Tech Week: Let's Not Call It Hell Week
Zach Kaufer describes the long, arduous, but ultimately rewarding process of teching a show.
ImprovBoston to Present the 2012 College Comedy Festival
Performers from Guerilla ImprovImprovBoston has announced that it will present the College Comedy Festival, Thursday, February 23 to Saturday, February 25 at the venue.Built upon the success ...
Bringing the Classroom to the Theater
Sarah Moore discusses the value of seeing live productions of plays studied in school.
Festival of New American Musicals Show Search Now Taking Submissions
Darren Criss serves as FNAM spokesperson (© David Gordon)The Festival of New American Musicals (FNAM) is currently taking submissions for its new initiative, the 2012 Show Search, which looks
Promoting a Sadistic Fable
Tiffany Moon discusses the challenges of marketing California Repertory Company's potentially controversial production of Doug Wright's Quills.
Interdisciplinary Drama
Emily Anne Gibson discusses the importance of embracing many different fields of study as a dramaturg.
Making the Most of the Hours in the Day
Amanda Charney shares time-management tips from both fellow theater students and a USC Health Educator.
Why Spirituality Isn't the Same as Acting: A Discussion of Method
Thomas Constantine Moore describes how an actor can balance the intellectual, the physical, and the spiritual.
Notes from an Analytical Idealist and a Romantic Realist
UCLA student Venkatesh Potula joins TMU, and tells us what's in store for his 2012 blogs.
My Top 5 Cast Recordings
Catherine Reid shares her reasons for why she loves these particular CDs.