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Performance Weekend: The Clock Runs on Its Own
Zach Kaufer discusses what it's like for a director when the show opens.
My Top 5 Theater Experiences
An upsetting moment at a West End show, meeting two of her theater heroes, and getting a role she really wanted are some of Catherine Reid's favorite memories.
Building a Community of Artists
An interview with entrepreneurial theater maker Jeremy Williams on forging artistic collaborations.
Why Watching the Oscars is Like Working on A Play
Thoughts on what you can learn from your artistic collaborators.
Conservatories and Student Orgs
Emily Anne Gibson interviews Jackie Mishol, a dramaturg in the School of Drama, and participant in student organization, Scotch 'n' Soda.
Bridging the Gap Between Stage and Screen
Amanda Charney discusses opportunities for collaboration between film students and theater students.
Northwestern's Spring Awakening
Franklin Bennett interviews director Geoff Button and cast members Alex Nee and Jessica Kahkoska about the musical, Spring Awakening.
Robert Brustein, David Krasner Set for Harvard University's Strindberg Festival
Harvard University will host a two-day symposium taking a fresh look at the work of Swedish playwright August Strindberg on the centennial of his death, March 2 and 3. The festival's events ...
Towards Professional Playwriting: An Interview with Dan O'Neil
A Carnegie Mellon graduate discusses the value of his education, and what he's doing now.