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There's Nothing Old in Theatre
By Ran Xia · Nov 19, 2012
Ran reflects on how little the stories we tell have changed throughout history.
Tips for Performing Shakespeare
By Venk Potula · Nov 16, 2012
Venk pays it forward, sharing advice he recently got about performing Shakespeare.
How to Prepare a BFA Audition
By Gianfranco Lentini · Nov 16, 2012
Sophomore BFA candidates for performance and production concentrations explain how they prepare for the program's audition.
Countdown to Curtain! How to Prep for a Production
By Timothy Thompson · Nov 15, 2012
Timothy Thompson details the behind-the-scenes goings on at his schools production of Detective Story.
5 Ways to Survive Hell Week
By Amanda Charney · Nov 15, 2012
"One of the worst things that can happen during your show’s Hell Week is getting sick."(courtesy of Microsoft Office Images) Hello, folks! I hope you've been getting more rest ...
4 More Years! The Effect of the Election on the Arts
By DeAnna Supplee · Nov 15, 2012
Official portrait of President Obama 4 More Years!© 2008 Pete Souza On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, around approximately 11:30 pm, Barack Obama was reelected for a second term as ...
A Theater Student's Pilgrimage: Sites In and Around London
By Emily Anne Gibson · Nov 13, 2012
Emily Gibson lists the best places for a student of theater to visit while in London.
Tales of Two Students Studying Physical Theatre in Italy
By Alexa Doggett · Nov 12, 2012
Alexa questions two fellow college students about their experiences studying at the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre.
Answers from The Learned Ladies: Part 2 - Opening Night Fears
By Gianfranco Lentini · Nov 9, 2012
(© Gianfranco Lentini) Now that both Hurricane Sandy and the 2012 Presidential Election are behind us, it's time for Hofstra University to look forward to opening night of their ...
The Best Musical Theater Songs By New Composers
By Nicole Pietrangelo · Nov 9, 2012
Stop belting the same old tunes and check out these new composers.