Ryan Zatcoff, TMU contributor and senior at Hofstra University

This week, I've decided to interview two seniors from Hofstra University. I thought that it would be interesting to provide other examples of students who have a passion for the arts but didn't major in performing. I interviewed video/television major Beth Laschever and public relations major Colgan McNeil. Both Beth and Colgan are minoring in theater.

How do you stay involved with theater?

BL: I have enjoyed staying involved with theater by incorporating my multimedia skills into theatrical productions. I shot rehearsal photos and production stills for Masquerade Musical Theatre Co.'s production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. On numerous occasions, I've provided my photography services to people in the department by taking headshots or working on photo shoots.

CM: I have had opportunities to stay involved with theater at Hofstra University both onstage and off. I have performed in various productions through the Department of Drama and Dance, Masquerade Musical Theatre Co. (the student run musical theatre club), as well as other small student productions. I am also the Publicity Chair of Masquerade Musical Theatre Co., which keeps me involved with the club offstage.

How have you connected your major with your love for theater?

BL: As a video/television major and drama minor, I've been able to get involved with the technical aspects of theater. While minoring in drama, I've been able to study much of the historical and informational aspects of theater. In addition, participating in acting laboratories has allowed me to continue acting and perform creatively. Finally, my interest in television led me to become involved with Hofstra's Thursday Night Live, which combines live performance on a broadcast level. As a member of the cast, I've been able to continue acting for personal enjoyment, while boosting my television production skills.

CM: I am a public relations major minoring in Spanish and musical theater, so I have been able to take classes for fun that allow me to stay involved with theater. I also have focused my PR major to fit my passion for theater with my internships. I have had the amazing opportunity to work for two semesters as a press intern at The Hartman Group, a press office that represents Broadway shows like Wicked and Sister Act, which has been an incredible experience. This past summer, I was the marketing intern at Disney Theatrical Group, which was obviously magical and gave me more insight into the business of theater. I have been so fortunate to be able to combine my love for theater with my major and hope to pursue a career in that field after graduation.

Do you regret not being a theater major?

BL: Part of me always knew I wouldn't major in theater because it simply wasn't the path I was supposed to take. Being involved with theater in middle school and high school was so important to me and helped spark my interest in coming to school in New York. It was a journey finally realizing what I wanted to study and eventually major in, and I do not regret my choice. It was important to me to graduate with a significant amount of skills, particularly in media production because I know it's an industry that is only growing from here. Theater still provides me with a wonderful source of entertainment and gives me opportunities to continue being involved with the performing and visual arts.

CM: I absolutely do not regret not being a theater major. I love theater and cannot imagine my life without it; however, I want a steady job and paycheck. I have been able to stay involved in performing as well as learning the theater industry from other points of view, and I love every minute of it. If I have any advice, I would say to do what you love, but explore all opportunities that come your way because you never know what's out there. Don't limit yourself.

Quote of the Week:

"Could it be? Yes, it could. Something's coming, something good, if I can wait!"

Stephen Sondheim, West Side Story