Ryan Zatcoff, TMU contributor and senior at Hofstra University

It's my senior year at Hofstra University. This time of my life is both exciting and daunting. I am trying to enjoy every moment I have left at school, but with the real world and the job search hovering over my head, this time is extremely difficult. Assembling and updating my resume is a very tedious task; however, it's also like a trip down memory lane.

As I discussed in my last post, getting involved on campus is key to having a wonderful college experience. There are many benefits in being involved while attending college, but the most important benefit is the experience and knowledge you gain. College students are usually advised to gain real world experience through internship programs. Since Hofstra is located only 35 minutes from New York City, I have been able to experience the business side of the theater industry through two remarkable internships in NYC.

When I was a junior at Hofstra I had my first internship experience with the Drama League of New York. The Drama League is a non-profit organization with a two-part mission statement. The League's mission is to train and nurture the artists of tomorrow and to deepen and strengthen the audience experience. During my time at the Drama League, I contributed by assisting the development coordinator, event coordinator, and executive director on many tasks and projects. Since the conclusion of my internship, I have become a member of the Drama League Backstage Crew and have been given the opportunity to work on the 2010 & 2011 Drama League Awards and the 27th Annual Drama League Benefit Gala. My experience with the Drama League has been incredible, and I couldn't think more highly of any organization.

During the Spring 2011 semester, I knew that I wanted to have another internship, but this time I wanted to have an internship with a focus in marketing. In the Hofstra Department of Drama & Dance newsletter, I saw an advertisement for the A.R.T. New York Internship Fair. I immediately thought that this was a fantastic opportunity to meet with theater professionals and increase my chances of having an internship for the summer! At this internship fair I learned that TheaterMania had an opening for a marketing intern.

Since high school I have had a subscription to TheaterMania, and I check the website daily for theater news and discount ticket information. When it was brought to my attention that TheaterMania had an internship opportunity in marketing, I was excited and thought that I would be a good candidate for the position. After an interview process, I was offered the marketing internship! I was absolutely thrilled that I was going to be working for a website that I was passionate about and familiar with, while getting a taste of the theater industry in New York.

When you are applying for and beginning your internship, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. First, you should make sure you are interested in the company or organization you are interning for. It's important to be passionate about your work and your job. If you are uninterested in what you are doing, you will be less likely to excel, network, and learn. Secondly, you should do as much as possible. If you ever find yourself sitting around without a task, find one! You get what you put in, when it comes to interning. If you are sitting on Facebook and not contributing that is just as much your fault as your employer's. Thirdly, have fun! This is your opportunity to learn from real professionals who have an immense amount of knowledge and expertise. Take advantage of the opportunity you have been given, and you will definitely have a positive internship experience!

Quote of the Week:

"So old friends, now it's time to start growing up. Taking charge, seeing things as they are. Facing facts, not escaping them. Still with dreams, just reshaping them. Growing up."

Stephen Sondheim, Merrily We Roll Along