The Bully Pulpit



Written by Michael O. Smith, The Bully Pulpit is a one-man show that explores the life and times of the 26th President of the United States. Born to a wealthy New York family in 1858, Roosevelt would go on to lead a varied, and often turbulent, life. Married twice, he had six children and counted his role as a father as one of his most important. When asked about his greatest accomplishment, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize stated, "I have the happiest home life of any man whom I have ever known." Much more than a father, Roosevelt was a cowboy, Rough Rider, rancher, writer, adventurer and storied politician. After his first wife, Alice, died, Roosevelt bought a ranch in the badlands and committed himself to the life of a cowboy. It was during this time period that he met many of the men who would later become Rough Riders. The Rough Riders was a cavalry regiment that was active during the Spanish-American War. It was during this war that Roosevelt led the Rough Riders on the famous charge up San Juan Hill, thus earning him the status of "war hero."