Place Setting



Jack Canfora's Place Setting depicts three couples on New Year's Eve of the millennium, as they struggle to balance the lives they have with the lives they so desperately want. Evan Bergman directs. The play takes place in the suburban New Jersey home of Andrea and Greg where they are joined for dinner by Greg's sharp-tongued brother, his sexy girlfriend, Andrea's spirited sister, and her German filmmaker boyfriend. The couples engage in a battle of wits over the course of Andrea's gourmet dinner, ruffling more and more feathers as the evening goes by. But it's what happens between courses, the secrets and surprises revealed, that make this comic-drama a tasty morsel. With a unique combination of savage humor and surprising tenderness, Place Setting poses the compelling question of what to do when one's responsibilities and happiness are at irreconcilable odds. For group sales, please call 732-229-3166 or email

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