Nelson Illusions and Magic with the Nelsons



OMG 5 stars is not enough

If you are into magic the old fashion and true way... well here it is! I see a big future for the Nelsons. Having seen them before the new show is an example of the incredible amount of both imagination and professionalism that the Nelsons have. From the very basic to the extreme this show had it all. I cant wait to see them again !!!!

This show Rocks!!!

This show was amazing.... Came to both the Saturday and the Sunday show. Thought maybe by coming twice I could figure out the illusion.... guess what still cant figure them out. The sets were amazing. I loved the air the steam pipes gave of being on a ship and traveling from illusion to illusion. The mixture between traditional magic and modern art combined with the intrigue pieces like walking through a moving fan were phenomenal. The grace and elegance portrayed by Sharii in the bird act and the rings was incredible. Its amazing shes so mature and elegant for one so young... I found myself mesmerized by the umbrella act. Each show was slightly different and still amazing..... This family act is one that needs to truly be seen to be appreciated. If youre wanting a vegas style show....go to Vegas... if you want true brillance and a good time.... see the Nelsons!!!!

Graetest show Ever

We came back twice to see this incredible show. Was sorry when it ended as we wanted the magic to go on. Our whole group was surprised by the professionalism of the performers. We were amazed by illusions that filled the stage. The magicians were so exciting to see. Cant wait till they come back.

RE:The Worst Show Ever

This was the worst show that I have every seen. Could not wait for intermission to leave. You could see how they were doing the "tricks". I wish there was a way to get my money back. It was not even 1 star