Get the Led Out: The American Led Zeppelin

Opened May 21, 2011
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First time at the Basie! From bombastic epics to ethereal folk tunes, Get The Led Out, dubbed "The American Led Zeppelin" in the media, capture the essence of Led Zeppelin's recorded catalogue, and bring it to the concert stage for a two-hour show spanning the mythic career of the legendary British band. Not an impersonator act, GTLO approach the music like a classical performance. The Philadelphia-based ensemble of six accomplished musicians deliver Zeppelin's studio recordings with all the bells and whistles, re-creating the overdubs and studio tracks that Zeppelin themselves never performed live. From the passion and fury of the on-your-feet rock anthems, to the delicate nature of the sit-down acoustic songs, GTLO's attention to detail and nuance makes their show unique in the Zeppelin world.

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