A Time to Kill

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RE:A Time to Kill

While attending a conference in Washington, DC I took in an evening performance of A Time to Kill at Arena Stage. This is a beautiful theater venue. The show was quite good, but awkward in several areas. Characters often entered the stage through the audience and some even sat in the front row of the theater as if they were the courtroom audience. This was distracting for me. I would have appreciated seeing the character Tanya on stage, esp. since the storyline is derived from her horrifying experience. Seeing Carl Lees family on stage was important to show that Carl Lee had familial support, but it didnt happen and I wondered why. His family could have sat in the front row of the theater as did other characters from the show. Solid acting across the board helped make this an enjoyable show, but overall, I wanted to love it, but I only liked it and by the close, I wasnt completely satisfied. When it heads to NY, hopefully changes will be made to make this a sparkling production.