The Complex



As a Seattle apartment manager for ten years, Kevin has observed many strange, inspiring and fascinating tenants: real life characters that now come to life on stage in his new play, The Complex. He stars as himself in both of the play's two main story arcs. While cleaning out a mysteriously abandoned apartment, Brady found a stack of letters hidden behind a drawer. These letters, written by the former tenant's boyfriend from the King County Correctional Facility, are read word for word on stage, eventually helping explain the mystery of the missing tenant. The second story focuses on two off-kilter tenants, a man and woman who are both best friends and opposites. He is a seemingly sweet and tidy man, who is actually a raging alcoholic, while she is an unkempt kleptomaniac who shares a filthy apartment with five dogs. Their strange, lovely friendship takes a turn for the worse after a set of bizarre circumstances. The Complex shows us what we can learn - and what still remains a mystery - as we attempt to understand people by looking at the lives they lead behind closed apartment doors.

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