Rush Limbaugh in Night School



Actor and author, Charlie Varon transforms in a flash as he portrays more than 20-characters in the comic feast, Rush Limbaugh in Night School. In this satiric farce, Rush Limbaugh is being challenged in the ratings race by a Latino radio host. So, what else can Rush do to combat this attack? Learn Spanish in night school, of course! Deep in a Greenwich Village classroom, Rush falls in love with a beautiful fellow student who, unbeknownst to him, is a member of a left-wing radical group. Desperate to gain her affection, Rush tries every tactic he can think of, from Shakespeare to cooking . . . everything, that is except the truth. Somehow, Varon manages for the leftist audience to show some modicum of empathy toward Rush, and for the audience on the right to embrace to bleeding hearts on the other side. How does this miracle happen? Come see!

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