Lark Eden

2hr. (1 intermission)


RE:A lyrical play that strikes an emotional chord.

Never has there been a more shining example of less is more. It may be the simplicity of Natalie Symons play along with the lyrical writing that makes for one of the most touching plays I have ever seen. In a special presentation at Theater Schmeater, Lark Eden was presented this weekend with minimal production value. The actors stood at music stands on a bare stage; yet the play takes you on a journey that defies the simple staging. This play should come with a warning: BRING KLEENEX! Natalie Symons? play explodes with raw emotion. It is deeply moving and surprisingly hilarious. It is a play about the ties that bind us tightly together even when distance separates us and life disappoints. In letters told over the course of seven decades we grow to know these women as if they were our own dear friends. This play is one of the most moving experiences I have ever had in the theatre.