Don't You Dare Love Me



For most of us, the small moments in our livings rooms, bedrooms, offices, and backyards are the epics that fill our lives. Playwright Keri Healey takes on matters of the heart in single and non-committal Seattle in her new play, Don't You Dare Love Me. Everyone in this play wants desperately to fall in love, but only one of them makes the first move. For his trouble, shy customer service agent Glen is roundly rejected but refuses to take "no" for an answer. Kirk is a real estate agent looking for home in empty houses, Evan wants perhaps too much of a good thing, CJ hides from romance behind an alcoholic brother and a mountain of self-doubt, Paige is a sage but slippery barkeep who leaves broken hearts behind her, and Tristan is caught between the fantasies of his past and the undeniable reality that will come from his next kiss. What happens to Glen--and to the loosely connected collection of his peers who refuse to take "yes" for an answer--makes up this series of pathetic dates, late night phone calls, threesome negotiations, love compromises, and lies that get people through the night. Part comedy, part tragedy. Just like all relationships.

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