Chicken Sunday



Book-It Repertory presents Chicken Sunday, by Patricia Polacco. Patricia and her neighbors Stewart and Winston Walker are best friends and honorary siblings, even though they aren't even the same religion. Patricia often goes to Baptist church with her friends to listen to Eula May Walker, her honorary grandma, sing in the choir. After church, all four of them eat a home-cooked meal of Eula's delicious fried chicken. As an Easter present, the three friends want to buy Miss Eula the hat she has been coveting from Mr. Kodinski's hat shop, but as they approach the store they are unfairly accused of throwing eggs at his shop. As a solution to this problem, Patricia teaches Stewart and Winston to create traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs to give to Mr. Kodinski. This small gesture leads to a heartwarming resolution. In this Book-It All Over production, Ukrainian and African-American culture combine to demonstrate the power of generosity, tolerance, and friendship.

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