Before It Hits Home



Before It Hits Home follows the last few months in the life of Wendal Bailey, an African-American man in his early 30s. After nearly dying of AIDS, Wendal comes home to his extended family - his mother, father, "aunt," brother and 12-year-old son - for a festive evening that turns into a disaster. Shortly after this debacle, the only support and love he finds comes from an unexpected source - his previously stern, disapproving and homophobic father. "Before It Hits Home [...] is not a play about victimization [...] It is instead an authentic, at times almost hysterical wake-up call to the black community, sounded from within." -- The New York Times Before It Hits Home was originally workshopped by the Seattle Group Theatre in conjunction with its Multicultural Playwright's Festival in 1989. Additional Schedule Information: There is no show on Saturday, February 24. On Sunday, February 25 a 7:30pm evening show replaces the regularly scheduled matinee.