The North Pool

Opened Mar 9, 2011
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A hit reading at TheatreWorks' 2009 New Works Festival, The North Pool traverses the minefields of ethnic profiling in a suburban community hyper-focused on political correctness. In this cat-and-mouse thriller, a Middle Eastern high school student is under constant scrutiny by his vice principal. Syria-born Khadim is new to this country with his parents traveling in Saudi Arabia, leaving him a teenager with complete freedom and ulterior motives. Vice Principal Danielson is a local "by-the-book" authoritarian who is keeping a close eye on Khadim. But secrets haunt them both at Sheffield High, tucked in hidden lockers and concealed on high-tech phones, waiting to spill out.

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Adam Poss, Remi Sandri to Star in Rajiv Joseph's The North Pool - Jan 28, 2011

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