The Life and Times of Ben Franklin



Marvel at the remarkable achievements of this writer, printer, scientist, inventor and statesman, as CTC celebrates the tercentenary of his birth with a world premiere production! Written and directed by CTC's Resident Director, Will Huddleston, The Life and Times of Ben Franklin focuses on Ben Franklin's accomplishments as a youth and a young man, and leads up to his vital role in the American Revolution. Designed by well-known South Bay scenic designer George Pettit, the production features innovative techniques of image projection and shadowplay, and a clever unit set which suggests Franklin's printing press and doubles for locales as diverse as a Massachusetts mill pond to the Houses of Parliament. Defying conventional storytelling structure, the play employs an ensemble approach with the company acting as Franklin's apprentices, who play upwards of thirty roles between the six of them. History is brought to vibrant life with all the humor, inventiveness and passion that Franklin's writings and actions inspire.

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