The Kipling Hotel: The 80s

BUY TICKETS ($20 - $100)
1hr. 30min. (1 intermission)
Closing Soon Jan 27, 2018


Due to popular demand, the 2017 Theatre Bay Area nominee for Outstanding Solo Performance and Don Reed's acclaimed autobiographical hit, The Kipling Hotel: The 80s extends its run at the Marsh San Francisco through January 27. The Kipling Hotel invites audiences to 1980s Los Angeles, as Reed recounts the awkward adventures of the son of an Oakland pimp, awarded a partial scholarship to UCLA. The underfunded Reed scrambles to stay afloat with a variety of schemes, from serial party-hopping to stripping, before finally earning room and board by serving breakfast at an unforgettable retirement home on the rough side of town. This riotous show follows Reed's hair-raising misadventures, and brings to vivid life the hotel's exotic elderly denizens who impart their own brand of wisdom, as well as the earnest students, aspiring actors, and drug dealers who are recruited to wait on them.

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