Sperm WARFARE and Pomp and Circumstance

2hr. (1 intermission)


Set in the sperm sample room of an in-vitro fertility clinic, Sperm WARFARE takes a hard look at how the biological clock impacts male-female relationships in sometimes role-reversing ways. As a 39-year-old determined wife rubs her frustrated husband the wrong way and a sensuous young nurse makes matters worse, husband and wife are forced to define themselves anew. Set in a law firm and a courtroom, Pomp and Circumstance is about the personal trial of a talented yet suppressed young attorney coming to terms with his father, a famous and reluctantly retiring criminal defense lawyer, as they handle their first, and last, court trials. It explores the boundaries between sex and love, religious law and civil law, acting and reality, and parents and their children. Sperm WARFARE opens for Pomp and Circumstance.